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What Can I Do To Protect My Child(ren) From Wildfire Smoke?

Smoke from wildfires can travel hundreds of miles from the source of the fire. Children are especially vulnerable to smoke and ash due to their growing lungs. Follow your local air quality index (AQI) at www.airnow.gov for the most current information on the quality of air in your area.

What Can I Do?

Prepare in advance

  • Have an emergency evacuation plan

  • Stock up on food, medicine, water

  • Think about any pet needs

Create a “clean room” in your home

  • Choose a room with few windows and doors

  • Use a portable air cleaner in this room

  • Keep children indoors

  • Use your “clean room”

  • Keep doors and windows closed

Keep indoor air as clean as possible

  • Do not use candles, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves

  • Do not fry or broil meat

  • Do not use spray cans

  • Do not vacuum

Check AirNow.com. Once air quality improves

  • Open windows

  • Clean away indoor dust

Click here for a handout from the American Academy of Pediatrics with more information on Protecting Children from Wildfire Smoke and Ash


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