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Expectant Parents


Do you have questions about the birth of your unborn baby and want to ensure they receive top-notch medical care? At Yuli, MD Pediatrics, we offer free meet and greets with expectant parents to answer questions and help them prepare for their new addition. 


During free meet and greets with Dr. Yuli, schedule a visit with you and your family in person or via telemedicine. This service is available to all expectant parents before the birth of their little one, offering them a chance to ask questions and get to know Dr. Yuli.


What are the benefits of expectant parent meetings? 

  • Having questions answered

  • Getting to know Dr. Yuli

  • Being prepared to care for a newborn

  • Advice about labor, delivery, nutrition, and breastfeeding

 After meeting with Dr. Yuli, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your new addition is in good hands. You can schedule an initial evaluation for your baby after birth and in the weeks, months, and years thereafter for wellness exams and sick visits.

By choosing a monthly concierge medicine membership, you have easy access to Dr. Yuli whenever you need her. You can call, text, or email her with concerns or questions you may have and see her during same-day visits for urgent pediatric care needs.


She offers in-person options, telehealth, and home visits for added convenience. If needed, Dr. Yuli offers specialist referrals for little ones with complex medical conditions.


What happens during expectant parents' meet and greets?


During expectant parent meet and greets, you get to know Dr. Yuli. She asks about your lifestyle, medical history, and care plans after your baby’s delivery. She provides information about her services, including a monthly membership that offers you and your baby exceptional care, no wait times, and lengthy appointments whenever needed. 


You never feel rushed with Dr. Yuli. She accepts a smaller patient caseload to ensure all her patients receive the time and personalized attention they deserve. 


If you have additional children, she can care for all of them as newborns, through childhood, the teenage years, and into young adulthood.


If you come up with additional questions before your new baby is born, feel free to reach out to Dr. Yuli anytime. 

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