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  • My child is healthy. Is a concierge pediatrician really necessary?
    Yes. We offer truly custom healthcare and feel that everyone would benefit from a service tailored directly to them. Our goal is to provide a wellness plan for every child, even a healthy child. Wellness visits play a crucial role in preventing illness and promoting your child’s well being, as well as keeping you informed about your child’s development. We are also here for urgent or immediate medical care needs. At Yuli MD Pediatrics we provide the gift of time which allows us to address the needs of the moment in a relaxed and easygoing manner. With time, we will build a comprehensive and invaluable understanding of your child allowing us to enhance health and wellness.
  • Do you take insurance plans?
    Yuli MD Pediatrics does not participate in any insurance plans. We value the direct and personal relationship between you and your doctor.
  • Do I still need insurance?
    Yes, Yuli MD Pediatrics is not a substitute for health insurance. We recommend consulting with a financial advisor or a representative of your insurance company to guide your plan choice.
  • Are you accepting new patients to your practice?
    Yes, we currently have openings in our practice. However, in order to provide personalized care to each patient, our space is limited. Once the practice reaches capacity, families will be placed on a wait-list and notified when a spot becomes available.
  • How do I join the practice?
    Schedule a free, unconditional call or visit to discuss your healthcare needs. Dr. Yuli personally speaks with all prospective families prior to signing up. This complimentary consultation provides an opportunity for both parties to determine if they will be a good fit for one another.
  • How do I pay membership?
    Membership fees are charged to your bank account or credit card.
  • Can membership be canceled?
    Yes, membership can be canceled at any time provided a 90-day notice is given. However, a 6-month initial commitment is required when first joining the practice. Cancellation terms for extenuating circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • What is not covered with my membership?
    There are various ways to arrange insurance coverage for the cost associated with immunizations and we work with families to create a customized solution. Any out-of-office procedures, labs, or medical services from other medical providers such as specialist visits and in-patient hospitalizations are also not covered in membership and will be billed to your insurance by those providers.
  • If my child is admitted to the hospital will Dr. Yuli care for him/her?
    Children admitted to the hospital are taken care of by inpatient hospitalists, who are experts in hospital-based care. However, Dr. Yuli will work closely with the inpatient team to optimize the care your child receives while hospitalized.
  • What if my child gets sick when we are out of town?
    We specialize in personal and intimate relationships with our patients and parents. In knowing the child's medical history, long-distance care, and virutal (Telehealth) visits can be utilized.
  • What happens when Dr. Yuli is sick or on vacation?
    We will do our best to notify families in advance of any planned absences. Dr. Yuli may still be available via email, phone, and text during her absence. In the event that she is not available via these communication outlets during her absence, or if your child requires a sick in-office visit, Dr. Yuli will arrange for a covering physician.
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