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Halloween 2020 | Is it safe to celebrate Halloween?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

What are your plans for Halloween? While it may be possible to participate in trick or treating this year, it will be challenging to do so in a safe manner. The low-risk way to trick or treat is to stay only with members of your household and keep separate from other groups.

That will be challenging with kids because kids may become very excited and end up with other groups of kids.

If you decide to go out in your neighborhood, consider these options.

Lowest risk way to trick or treat

  • Stay with members of your household and keep separate from other groups

  • Stay at arm's length

  • Engage in brief interactions and avoid prolonged face to face contact

  • Avoid being around crowded areas or in large groups

  • Use a face covering. A costume mask is not a substitute for a face mask

Consider safe alternatives to trick or treating this year! The City of South Pasadena is organizing a free drive-thru trick or treat event where participants are encouraged to wear their costume, decorate the exterior of their car, and drive-thru a designated treat trail. Look for similar festivities in your city.

Consider other options like:

  1. Halloween activities at home

  2. Watch a classic Halloween movie

  3. Have Halloween themed food

  4. Organize a modified “Easter egg hunt” but for Halloween. Hide candy or glow in the dark treats in the backyard for your children

The CDC has new guidelines with a list of low, moderate, and high-risk activities. Take a look by following this link:

Here are some examples:

Low risk

  • Carving pumpkins with members of your household

  • Virtual costume contests

  • Movie night

Moderate risk

  • Visiting pumpkin patches

  • Outdoor costume parades

  • Outdoor costume party where everyone is wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart

High risk

  • Traditional trick or treating

  • Indoor haunted houses

  • Hayrides

  • Indoor Halloween parties

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