We offer same-day appointments.


Holidays, weekends, and evenings| We are always available via call, text or email

Phone line to call

We come to you! Giving you peace of mind and convenience.

Yuli MD Pediatrics

At Yuli MD Pediatrics, you have your pediatrician's direct phone line to call, text, or ask a quick question.

Home Visits

Home Visits

Our unique model allows us to provide house calls for sick/urgent and Well Child Visits. We have the capacity to provide all of the typical services provided by pediatricians in the office only we do it in the comfort of your own home. No need to expose yourself or your child to germs in a busy doctor’s office waiting room. We come to you.

Well Visits

Our well-child appointments average about 1 hour. During this time we are able to perform a complete physical exam and we can address all parent concerns in order to provide the best possible care to your child.

Well Visits


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Sick & Urgent Care

Sick & Urgent Care

We know that illnesses are not planned. At Yuli MD Pediatrics, we are available when you need us the most. Most families find they no longer need urgent care centers or emergency rooms because they are able to speak to and be seen by their child’s doctor when needed.

Other Services

The following services can be provided to members and non-members in the community. 

Medical Grade Ear Piercings


Sports Physicals


Covid Testing


Other Services

Contact Our Office for Pricing Details.

Contact Our Office for Pricing Details

We are a Direct Primary Care & Concierge Pediatric Practice. To learn more about Direct Primary Care and Concierge practices, please visit our resources page. 

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"Dr. Yuli is the best! She is a kind and patient and thoughtful doctor who is super responsive and accessible. My family loves her! She takes her time with patients, answers all questions and send helpful follow-up information. She offers house calls which is amazing to have available during these challenging times. Such a great asset to the community!"

— E. Deutsch

“We are HUGE fans of Dr. Yuli. As a first time mom, I have had unlimited things to worry about as it relates to my daughter. Thankfully Dr. Yuli has been patient with my questions, kind, knowledgable, and available by phone or text even between appointments when unexpected things come up. Instead of feeling anxious, I have peace of mind knowing I always have an expert to turn to when I have a question or concern. Even better - she comes to our home for appointments at our request. I can't recommend Dr. Yuli highly enough.” — A. Fallon “Having Dr. Yuli as my daughter's pediatrician has been wonderful. Especially with being able to get her shots in the comfort of our own home...”

— A. Fallon

“Having Dr. Yuli as my daughter's pediatrician has been wonderful. Especially with being able to get her shots in the comfort of our own home...”

— Joseline